February 20, 2007

Why I Need Needle Keepers & How I Made Some

Does this really need a caption? I didn't think so. A while back it occurred to me to make a "sock suitcase" out of an eyeglasses case. It worked fine once I got needles short enough to fit inside. Then I saw these pretty beaded point protectors and was inspired to make some for me from stuff in the stash.

This set fits the needles I used for Stulpen. The plastic caps are custom screw protectors I got at Scrap. The stretchy stuff is 1mm elastic beading cord, 4 strands braided together. I used a 1/8" hole punch to make two holes in each screw protector (couldn't get the punch inside, so I punched through both layers). I weaved the ends of the elastic through the braid which is why the right half looks so lumpy.

This set was next, made for my new 10cm bamboo sock needles:

This set is basically the same except the elastic isn't braided. I knotted a longish (about five times the length I needed between the holes in the screw protectors) piece of elastic, doubled it as you would wrap a rubber band around something, fished the doubled band through a hole in each screw protector (a crochet hook was invaluable), and poked the screw protectors through the protruding loops. Sort of like making a Chinese jump rope. The result is better.

I think that's the best picture (technically, anyway) in the blog so far. I'll get the hang of digital photography one of these days.

If you want to try making these gadgets yourself, some hardware stores have screw protectors (they aren't always called that) in various sizes. The caps off of dried up markers might work, too (you'd have to use a drill to make the holes). Have fun!

Added 8/7/07: I just did a bit of searching (googled "screw protector") and found this site, and others. I'd try your local Ace Hardware store first so you can actually handle the screw protectors and try them on your needles. And no, I don't own stock in any of the screw protector stores! LOL


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this on your blog, I have to try to make some for myself... if I can find screw protectors!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking for the screw protectors on line, I'd found that site myself and it looks pretty good. :^) I'm hoping to find them locally. Home Depot thought I was nuts when I went this afternoon... but I'm that crazy lady that goes into Home Depot every once in a while looking for grommets to make spindles, PVC pipe for niddy noddys, screw protectors to use for needles protectors, etc, etc, etc... I'm sure they think I never use something for what it's intended for!
Ace hardware here I come! Maybe I can find an electrical supply somewhere close, too...