October 12, 2017

Ignoring Gmail Certificate Changes in Eudora with Stunnel

Ignoring Frequent Gmail Certificate Changes by Getting Comcast, Godaddy, Eudora, Stunnel, and Gmail to Work Together in Windows 7

My email is now working without interruptions caused by Gmail's frequent certificate changes. I'd read that using Stunnel is a way to avoid the certificate update process. The process of making Stunnel work for me was frustrating for the people answering my questions as well as for me. Maybe this record will help someone else have an easier time of it as well as remind me how to fix it if/when I break it.

I'm posting these particular settings because my primary email requires that I use port 80 for SMTP. After trying several methods to circumvent that setting without success, it remains a requirement in this case.

After installing Stunnel as a service and leaving its configuration file unedited, I set up my Gmail personalities in Eudora by first setting the Properties for each personality to:

Generic Properties tab:
  •     SMTP Server:
  •     Use Submission Port: UNchecked
  •     Secure Sockets when Sending: Never
Incoming Mail tab:
  •     Secure Sockets when Receiving: Never
Then I closed/quit/exited Eudora, found Eudora.ini, made a backup copy, and used Notepad to open the original Eudora.ini file.

Each non-dominant persona has a section in Eudora.ini that starts out something like this where "gmailuser" and the domain varies:
The important line is that bottom one, and it could be somewhere else in the settings for this persona or it could be missing (one of mine was despite being specified in Properties). For each gmail persona, I added SMTPPort=25 immediately after the SMTPSERVER line like this:
I repeated this edit for each Gmail persona, adding both lines when the SMTPServer line was missing. Then I saved Eudora.ini and closed Notepad.

After running Eudora again, I sent many test messages. I set up a group in the address book called All Personalities to simplify the addressing. I sent messages from each email address (Personality) to All Personalities, giving each subject line a unique number, and checked mail several times, watching for Task Errors, and confirming the messages all arrived. Several times. And then again. It all seems to be working correctly now.

Kudos to Jack Jackson and Katrina Knight at Eudora-Win List Server for explanations and answering my questions.

May 10, 2017

Sticky Pills Problem Solved

Background: I take a few vitamins, supplements, etc. and use a pill organizer that has 28 compartments that helps keep me on track. I'm usually foggy-brained first thing in the morning and the box gives me a way to check if I actually took the pills and ensures I take the right ones.

My pill box. Highly recommended for ease of loading (each row of lid lifts out).

Problem: The only problem is that the gel capsules often cling inside. IF I notice (see that big IF), sticking my finger in the compartment works to dislodge the culprit. IF it gets past me, it messes up the schedule. SO I googled, regoogled, etc, finding only one solution which I can't find now to show you.

The Solution: Add a dash or about 1/8 teaspoon of an edible powder to your bottle of gel caps and shake to distribute evenly. Then put the capsules in your pill box. The powder coating helps reduce stickiness.

Powders Tried: The original youtube poster used one of her powder-containing supplement capsules. My gel caps have liquid inside so my first experiment used cocoa powder, but the cocoa left brown dust all over my pill box! Since then, I've used bicarbonate of soda, which works great for me.

Powder Considerations:
  • It must be safe to eat. 
  • When damp, the powder should not be sticky which could defeat the purpose. I'd avoid powdered sugar, sugared drink mix, cocoa mix, and similar.
  • The powder should be the same color as your pill box. Most are white or clear, so white powders are ideal.
  • The powder should be very fine like bath powder, but don't use that!
  • The powder should have a tolerable taste.
  • It should be something you already have or can buy in very small quantities (think bulk bins).

Possible Powders Powders to Avoid
  • Flour
  • Sugar-free fiber or protein powder
  • Instant milk powder (mash granules into powder first)  
  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
  • Sugar
  • Fructose
  • Cocoa
  • Colored drink mix