February 20, 2007

Chatterbox, Sox, Sox, and Stix

If I'm counting right (and I might not be), this is my 4th post today after ten days of silence. I'm like that sometimes. Anyone know of a way to schedule posts in Blogger?

Using Wendy's toe-up sock pattern, I started a pair of socks and overshot the heel shaping, causing me to have to frog over an inch of tiny tiny stitches last night. The hard part was healing the splits. Here's the most recent photo:

That's Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Flint, 60 stitches on size ZERO needles. I like the red, blue, and yellow flecks. This is my first toe-up sock. I like the concept of using all of your yarn up without having to trust the gods to dole the yarn out properly as I've done so far with my top-down socks. Like these:

My third pair of socks are done and shown to advantage on the sock blockers I made following these directions. The only suggestion I'd make is to bend both hangers together so they come out the same.

And Now for the Stix Portion of Our Program: I found some thrifty bamboo DPNs on eBay. 10cm long (that's 4 inches), 6 sets of 5 needles cost only $8.07 with shipping. I was expecting them to be less than perfect, so the need for light sanding and some beeswax was not a problem. The size zeros are shown in my toe-up socks above. I am liking them a lot, even if they do resemble toothpicks! You can see the tips of the other five pair in my DPN needle roll. The same vendor has longer DPNs, straights, and circulars, too. Just search for "10cm bamboo double" to find them. I'm skeptical of the circular joins, but sandpaper and beeswax can do wonders with wood-like items.

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