January 03, 2007

My Feet are Warm

My fuzzy feet and my own feet are toasty! The knitted ones went through one wash with jeans a couple of days ago and reached target size without additional cycles. You can still see the stitches, so they'd felt even smaller, but since I want to wear them myself, that's not going to happen. On purpose, anyway.

Knitting a couple of swatches of Fishermen's Wool in a couple needle sizes is on my to do list, so I can do some actual shrinkage calculations. Felted knit oven mitts are in consideration for upcoming gift giving, and it would be "a good thing" to get the size right without knitting multiple prototypes. That, or find a pattern and use the yarn/needles specified. Nah. Too easy. Here's where I plan to take notes so I can find them again:

A 5x7 inch, hard-covered spiral notebook with an elastic closure and 60 pages. It should cope well in knitting bags and lay flat when open. And cute, too! Only one buck at Dollar Tree. You can see it tucked into my new sock knitting bag:

Another bargain item, this time from Michael's (only $1.64 with a 50% coupon). A small (8.5x11x3 inches) denim bag just right for a ball of sock yarn and sock(s) in progress.

A Scrabble buddy says I should embroider it or something, but I like plain. Maybe I'll embroider my name and phone number in the facing inside. Or use a Sharpie! Did you see the glasses case in the sock bag? Here's what it's for:

A tightwad's sock suitcase. Of course, I had to spring for 5-inch DPNs (on sale at Fabric Depot) to fit inside, but the case was a freebie from my bottom dresser drawer. I worked on the socks at Scrabble yesterday, starting the second one and making a list of the things I need to keep in my new sock knitting bag.

Speaking of which, I want to keep some scrap yarn in there for knitting a few rounds on the toe stitches. I've tried the Kitchener Stitch and can do it OK, but once I tried knitting rounds of scrap yarn (sometimes called a chimney) to guide my grafting, I liked it better. It's more intuitive to me, and I can control the tension better. Here's a good tutorial and another one.

Enough for now before I'm tempted to report Scrabble scores and actual/near bingos from yesterday; it could only be interesting if you were there!

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