October 01, 2008

OFF Goodies, Socks, & Mystic Earth Scarf

Oh, my! That's a lot to blog about. Louise and I went to the Oregon Flock & Fiber festival Saturday; the weather was prime with the breeze augmented by thousands of spinning wheels in use. Well, maybe not thousands, but a lot. LOL I've been dithering about buying hand cards and finally bought these Ashford Wool Cards:

And Superior Fibers was selling Alpaca blend "craft batts" for only $1.50 an ounce, so I got this 7.5 ounce pastel colors wonder. It's very soft!

This blue Colonial Wool from Fantasy Fibers came home with me, too.

Altogether very satisfying S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement eXercise)!

As far as actually using some of the stash goes, I've been knitting "fraternal" socks for my sister and brother-in-law. Her's were easy as our feet are pretty close in size; his not so much. I got his shoe size and looked up size to inches charts. I also decided to do 2x2 ribbing to ensure a good fit around. Here are the 1.75 pair:

The yarn is Opal Batik previously mentioned here. Last night I started a Mystic Earth Lace Scarf (a subset of the Stole); it's a KAL with 4 clues in 4 weeks. Here's the bottom border with the body stitches picked up. Those vintage plastic needles are very light and contrast well with the yarn.

I'm using Knit Pics Bare 70% Merino, 30% Silk fingering weight. I'm hoping 440 yards will be enough! The scarf is 1/3 the width of the stole, and the stole takes under 1100 yards, so I have 73 yards' leeway. It will be difficult knitting with my fingers crossed!

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