October 23, 2008

A shocking cautionary tale

Mondays are washday. While I was folding and hanging clothes out of the dryer, it bit me! See?

When I put a new belt in the dryer last year, I didn't make sure a cluster of wires was tucked away properly. When the drum rotated, it rubbed a wire, eventually wearing through the insulation, electrifying the drum. When my watch brushed the drum and the body as I pulled out some clothes, the circuit was complete and I was shocked. Fortunately only by 109 volts (as measured later). The temporary tattoo of soot is possibly from vaporized plating from my watchband.

This picture is from a few days later. You can see where the watchband links branded me.

BTW, it's almost as hard to photograph your wrist your feet! And that's a close as we get to knitting today. LOL

After I unplugged the dryer, took a few pictures for the blog, checked with the advice nurse, and quit shaking (in that order!), I called my brother who has more electrical experience than I do, and he came over and we fixed the dryer. He only told me twenty-zillion times that I could have fixed it myself, and he's right, but I was a little afraid of the dryer, even unplugged.

The moral of this cautionary tale? When you put electrical things back together, make sure the wires are away from moving parts.

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