May 18, 2007

Grassy Gras Jaywalkers Finally Done!

My grassy Gras Jaywalker Socks are finally done. After being started multiple times and then being interrupted by another knitting (sort of secret, maybe) project, I finished them the other night. The Austermann Step Gras colorway blends right into what passes for lawn at my house. I do let my clippings mulch directly despite not having a true mulching mower.

Here they are almost invisible, pretending to be a sock-monkey-mouth moth.

Here they are without the blockers. Look how well the stripes match up! It was 100% accidental.
And here's something else hiding in the grass.

I can always tell when she rolls in the grass because the cut dry bits cling to her fur!


Treesa said...

OOOHHH!!!Look, a (insert state) Cat Snake. they'r rare. I have a California Dog Snake living in my yard.c

Laura May said...

Your socks are beautiful and so is your cat. My cat also loves to roll around in the grass (or a patch of sun) but his orange and white fur prevent him from ever blending in. :)

I've knit one pair of socks in my entire life. I just cast on the first sock of my 2nd pair. Maybe one day I'll have to courage to try to knit Jaywalker socks. They look intimidating.

auntiemichal said...

Tressa, Pepper's an Oregon Grass Snake! I'll have to try to convince her of her additional status. Do you suppose it's a coincidence the snakes and cats both eat mice? LOL

auntiemichal said...

Laura May, if you read and follow the Jaywalker instructions carefully, you should do fine. The three snags I hit (purely from skimming instead of reading and comprehending the pattern) were: 1) you alternate increase/decrease rounds with plain rounds, 2) the decrease looks right if you (slip 1 as if to knit) twice, K1, pass 2 slipped stitches over knit stitch, and 3) pay attention to the decreases at the gusset so the foot fits snuggly enough as there are fewer stitches on the plain bottom than the zig-zag top. I'm sure other people have had other challenges, but the pattern is really very clear and accurate if you just read carefully and follow instructions! Now ask me if I can follow a recipe exactly!

wendy said...

Socks look great - i have a cat who does that too, and unfortunately he gets hayfever so after rolling around in the grass, coming in with it stuck in his fur his eyes then weep and stick shut. You can't tell him though