May 29, 2007

Block by Block and Coily Things

You've heard of Rebuilding Greensburg - Block by Block? Last night I started this block with wool I dyed with icing color; it's going quickly*, so I bet I'll make several before starting another pair of socks.

*Though I've noticed that not all the oil in the icing color washed out of the yarn yet. It feels a bit like how I suspect unwashed, "in the grease" wool feels while being knitted, plus my fingers turned a bit purple. The knitted fabric feels OK, though.

The first draft of my semi-secret knitting project is almost done; it's just waiting for me to put in a zipper and weave yarn tails in.

On the gadget front, I've got a new knitting notion hack. You've seen the Clover Coil Needle Holders around and maybe they've struck you as a little pricey compared to other options (such as yarn or hair elastics). I found this key ring retainer (and a couple others in different colors) at the dollar store. Make sure the coil is fairly firm. Some of the key chain coils were thinner and flimsier and wouldn't work at all well for keeping needles together.

Got out my wire cutters and a stitch holder, and Bob's my uncle, I now have a bunch of inexpensive needle holders.

The stitch holder is sitting in the spout of the blue enamelware coffee pot (like this one) I use for straight needles so the little coils are easy to manage.

The latches and key rings are in the stash (what, your stash only has yarn?) for a future project.

Ta, ta for now!

PS: It occurred to me after posting this that those coil bracelet keyrings might work for larger needles. I don't have one and haven't seen them lately, but I'll keep my eyes open.

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