April 12, 2007


Fragments of email with a non-knitting friend yesterday and today:

Frog, tink, and LYS . What are they? (Cool blog)

Frog is a verb meaning "rip out
." Comes from "ribbit."
Tink is "knit" backwards, basically unknitting one stitch at a time. Backing up.
LYS is Local Yarn Store.

Reading your blog makes me think of KSL. Can you interpret?

Totally baffled. No context to guess within! Korean Sign Language?
Google reports:
Utah radio station
Stanford's Knowledge Systems Laboratory
Kitchen Sink Language
Kansas State Library
enough guesses, I have to get ready to leave! Later!

OK , big hint. I made it up based on education catalogs, etc., and in
everyday highschool/gradeschool/college language, as " ESL".

Me (feeling really stupid by now):
Knitting as a Second Language?



Marcy said...

Oh, excellent! If you haven't already done so, you ought to email the Harlot about KSL. She'd totally dig it. :D

Catalogrrr said...

KSL! That's awesome! I like that a lot. Someone can come out with a KSL/English dictionary. It would be great!

Tarilyn said...

Love KSL!!! My heart did a little flutter when I saw in your sidebar that Harlot was coming to Portland until I realized that it's Oregon and not Maine. Oh well. Enjoy her for me!

Kim said...

KSL - I love it too. I'm trying to keep my Knitblog Lingo a list of current usage, rather than an introduction of words that should exist....Keep using it, it will spread, and then I'll add it!