April 09, 2007

Brag in Haste, Repent....

... in leisure! Louise and I visited a couple of LYSs Friday, and I dragged my Jaywalker into the second one and showed it off to the shop owner since it was finally shaping up pretty good. Right width for my ankles, etc. She had nice things to say about the yarn. That should have been a clue! By Sunday I had got 3/4 through the heel and tried it on. Too baggy! So I googled "jaywalker modifications" and looked at some pictures. Discovered I'd been doing the double decrease wrong (though consistently) and doing the ripple shaping every row instead of every other row. No wonder it had no stretch! No wonder the LYS owner said nice things about the yarn instead of the sock! Last night I ripped back sock version 6 and knit version 7 on size 2 needles (too loose), frogged, and started version 8 on size 1 metal needles. Predictions regarding this version are not being made in case I jinx it.

The shop owner is right about the yarn being nice: it is thriving despite being knit up 8 times. So far.

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