April 17, 2007

Cat Scan

I'm still knitting away on my Gras Jaywalker socks, but I'm starting to get reluctant to start the second sock. It probably has something to do with knitting the equivalent 3+ socks and frogging them before the most recent version worked out. SSS had to hit sometime, though I'd have hoped it would be much later in my sock knitting "career." So I'm looking around for a couple of size 1 circular needles to try the 2 socks on 2 circs technique. My needle stash has plenty of needles suitable for worsted weight yarns, but very few smaller than US 6.

Yesterday on the way home from the dentist (got a replacement filling), I stopped at a couple of LYSs and bought sock yarn to comfort my numb face:

I've been wanting to try a cotton/wool blend sock yarn, so the Sockotta is a good find. I'm not sure I want solid blue, though, so I might hank it up and dye one end. Or not. The Ringel colorway makes me happy just looking at the ball. I wonder if the cotton blend would make good heels and toes for the striped wool?

While scanning the yarn (it's dark gray skies here today--and currently hailing!--, so the scan is as good as or better than a "real" pic), Pepper buzzed my desk for treats. Here's her scan:

There used to be a web site that collected cat scans like this one, but it's gone. Oh, and Pepper doesn't really have three front paws; she moved during the scan!

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