April 19, 2007

You're Not Alone being confused about knitting lingo, JD! Here's a glossary for you.

On the sock front, I finished the first Gras Jaywalker and started the second last night during Lost commercials. The heel did a bit of the sock monkey thing, but that's OK. I'm NOT frogging! LOL

At last, my first book review! I can't imagine why I've put it off so long, since I enjoy recommending books to friends and complete strangers (just try looking at the new book shelf at the library when I'm standing there and a good book I've read is on the shelf!). Yesterday I finished Kate Wilhelm's Sleight of Hand. An Oregon author, Kate's science fiction caught my attention long ago and I've also enjoyed her mysteries. This story is one featuring Barbara Holloway, a fictional lawyer living in real Eugene Oregon. Nearly a third of the book takes place during a murder trial in which she represents the (innocent, of course, and likeable) defendant. Barbara's father is also a lawyer (semi-retired) and has two cats named Thing One and Thing Two in honor of their wildly destructive natures as kittens. There's a wannabe-boyfriend-with-son (Barbara's, not her Dad's!), a hateful victim, a loveable victim, twists, dilemmas, and suspense. All that and a wonderful writing style! I recommend it.


Kim said...

Thanks so much for linking to my blog! A lot of my friends IRL don't read blogs, so I wrote it to help them out. Glad I can help you and your friends out too!

Jennifer said...

I really like your Jaywalker socks. They are probably some of my favorite Jaywalkers I have seen in the blogsphere. Nice choice of yarn!