March 10, 2007

Simple Fix for a Small Annoyance

Every morning I make "hot cocoa" for breakfast. While water is heating in the microwave, I mix dry milk, cocoa powder, soy protein powder, and stevia powder in a cup. Then I add the hot water, stir, and add a few drops of vanilla extract and maybe almond and coconut extracts since I'm an Almond Joy fan.

The annoyance is that when the stevia bottle is full, there's nowhere good to put the micro-spoon that doesn't make a mess. My simple solution:

Tape would work as well as (or maybe better than) the elastic band (yes, it's a hair elastic band; my hair is short, but I keep them around to use as sturdy rubber bands. Remind me to show you my graphics tablet's pen hair-banded to a Bic Stic.). An empty lip balm container or lipstick tube cap would work as well as the plastic vial I found.

There's another small annoyance regarding the stevia: when the level gets down to the bottom of the label, it's harder to spoon out the powder. My solution so far is to pour the powder into the top of the new bottle, which kind of compounds the where-to-put-the spoon problem. So right now, the new spoon lurks hidden in the stevia and the old spoon keeps spooning along.

Oh, and my rather grubby penpen held together with once-matching blue elastics.

No ordinary rubberbands would last long in this application.

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