March 14, 2007

EZ is My First Knitting Hero...

...and I'm not alone in my appreciation of her wit, knitting know-how, and common sense. Here's the online version of a recent exhibition that featured her work: New School Knitting: The Online Catalog and Virtual Exhibition

Go and browse. Especially check the pics of the opening day to see some inspirational hand-knits worn by the attendees, including Meg Swanson.

Did you notice the small qualification in the title? First? I've had her books for years and read them several times each. My adult surprise jacket got 98% done before I frogged it (after shrinking out of it--sounds better than messing up the gauge, right? LOL), and all but one or two of my Wool Gatherings newsletters are actually in the same place!

With my reborn interest in knitting and access to knitting blogs, I have some new knitting heros. Only about a hundred million of them. So EZ represents! Am I using that word right?

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jenknits said...

Just wanted to say hi. I found you by using the trackback function in my site meter. Somehow someone navigated to my blog from your blog so I had to come find out what you're up to. I found that you're also in Oregon so I added you to my bloglines so I could keep up with your goings on.
Nice to meet you. :o)
Jennifer in Salem