January 09, 2007

Wire, Beads, Bits, and Bobs

While not original (I saw it here and here) in idea, the row-counter/stitch-marker on the left might be unique in its parts. The ring is actually an earring and fits a US 17 needle with room to spare. I made it for Louise (names have been changed to protect the innocent, or at least the best cookie makers), my knitting neighbor. Technical details on the marker from top down: earring sans wire and squeezed together, hairpin-shaped wire strung with a ceramic pony bead, several biggish seed beads (to make the wire fatter to reduce how much the counter flops around on the wire), the row counter, another pony bead, and another seed beed.

The counter/marker on the right is made with a half a clasp, a head pin, two clear beads, an angel charm, and TAH DAH! the row counter I've had since learning to knit in 4th grade. I hardly ever use it, but there's more chance now than before.

A few months ago I "discovered" stitch markers of the handmade sort in the knitting blogs and fell in love with the concept and resulting objects. Dragging out my beading junk and a big tray, I parked myself in front of the TV and got carried away making markers. Here are just some of them:

The cat charms came from Walmart when I went looking for head pins and those clasps with rings. Other charms had been knocking around in my bead box sometimes for decades. See the silver beads that look kind of like balls of yarn? Those are really cool. I have no idea when or where I got them. The reason only some are shown is that I don't have them any more. So tickled with them, for several days I showed them off to anyone who'd stand still. At the pet shop, three people oohed, aahed, and asked could they buy some. They aren't even knitters! I made a net profit, leaving with fish food and $3 more than I went in with. Such a deal.

See these earrings nobody around here likes?

Stitch marker to be and stitch marker. Maybe I should open an Etsy shop?

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