January 07, 2007

Qualifying as "Scottish"

While randomly surfing knitting blogs, the nifty Scottish Knitters Blogs Ring came up, and since I've been joining rings lately, I checked it's member qualifications. Yes! Since I have Scottish ancestors, I can join! Yes!

Here's my claim to being Scottish: my paternal grandfather's parents emigrated from Scotland to Canada, and then while my grandfather was very young, emigrated to the United States. My surname is Scottish (and can be provided to the ring coordinators on request). We also have other UK branches in our family tree: my grandmother's parents originated in England where the family owned a big candy company. That might explain our sweet teeth!

On the knitting front, I finished Fuzzy Feet #3 last night and they're ready for felting. The last picture in my Dec 29 entry shows them in progress and before I added two inches to their length. For curiosity's sake, I didn't rip the toe out of the completed one, but ran a thread through the first row of dyed stitches, picked out the last row of natural, put those stitches on needles, knit 2 inches, then grafted the toe back on. It went pretty well, except I forgot I'd started decreasing, so I had to do a couple of decreases while grafting. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pictures of the process. Time-wise, it took about as long as knitting the toe, but I didn't have to worry about running out of yarn as I reknit it.

Jumper (probably not Scottish, but half Siamese) says, "This monitor sure keeps my bottom toasty, and I can tower over mom while she types." This was a quick snap with the minicam (which is proving to be more toy than not; it loses pictures at random, takes pictures in your pocket, and clears memory if the battery dies or comes out).

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