January 22, 2007

Adventures in Labeling

I'm taping 24, and this season I wanted to label the tapes (I didn't for last season and my fingers are virtually crossed regarding finding them all). So I dig out my Brother P-touch Home & Hobby label printer, model PT-65. It started clicking and printing badly, so out comes the screw driver and the investigation begins. Pull out the batteries, spin some gears, find the one that seems to be wonky (technical term!), but it still doesn't work. Looked at it for a moment and decided to look inside the tape cartridge. Aha! Found the problem, fixed it, and printed labels for my tapes. Here's a scan to tell the story.

This label machine was at the thrift store and I snapped it up when a test label printed OK. But then the "click of death" (pause here to fondly remember the Zip Drive click of death...) started, went away for a while, and came back. That's probably why it got donated (with batteries and a whole cassette of tape even). Happy dance!

PS: as I label this post and choose ReduceReuseRecycle, I'm reminded that Repair ought to be one of the R's.

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