December 29, 2006

More Fuzz and Meet Minicam

Here's an ordinary picture of my second pair of Fuzzy Feet before felting. The cuff is cute, I think, and not too much like athletic socks! Two strands of Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool on US 11 needles; 36 stitches cast on instead of 44 with other counts adjusted accordingly.

And here they are again with dappled sunlight. I prefer this picture. The dappled effect is because the sun is shining through my "Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho" lights in the front window. Mine is a 5-ho house.

The Taken miniseries is done and in the "take back to the library" stack along with a couple of Nero Wolfe DVDs I watched next.

This picture was taken with a tiny $10 digital camera a found at Walgreens last week. No LCD screen, so it's rather potluck as far as aiming the thing. No flash. Pop-up viewfinder that's not very accurate. The African violet was about 6 inches from the lens:

It's an Innovage Mini Digital Camera. The little pic of Me at the top of the blog is the first picture I took with it (accidentally!). Here's another knitting pick taken with the minicam:

Both this and the african violet pics are untouched and unresized. For quick and dirty pics while I'm out and about, this camera should work OK. Mostly I'll be using it to take pics of things I want to remember when I get home. Like a cell phone camera but without the cell phone. It uses ONE AAA battery, comes with a case, key chain, USB cable, software, and has webcam mode and will record a couple seconds of silent video. It would not be suitable for any kind of "serious" work, but hey, why be serious all the time?

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