December 27, 2006

Harry Potter and the Dyeing Knitter

JK Rowling gave a holiday gift to her site's visitors last week, or at least to the ones who could find it! The Harry Potter Lexicon have directions and much discussion if you're interested.

The name of the 7th Harry Potter book is apparently going to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. After cruising Onelook and Wikipedia, I'm currently of the opinion that the Deathly Hollows are the horcruxes themselves and/or their locations. My reasoning? Hallows as a noun is defined as holy or saints' relics or the shrines holding them. Now holiness and saints aren't part of the HP storyline, but relics certainly are, and the horcruxes are deadly in their creation, potentially in their destruction, and for Voldemort in their absence during the final confrontation with Harry. BTW, these are my own thoughts, thunk up all by myself before glancing at hp-lexicon.

Now for KNITTING content! Last night I started a pair of Fuzzy Feet for myself. The pair I made for my sister turned out pretty well and I wanted to keep them for myself but lacked another gift idea or time to knit another pair. Here they are felted:

And here they are before felting, shown with an ordinary sock for scale:

Made from Knit Picks Sierra in Lettuce, they came out very roomy because the yarn is thicker than the pattern calls for. BTW, canvas shopping bags make good "roughage" for felting. But not fringed throw rugs (ask me how I know!).

The pair for me is made from two strands of Lion Fisherman's Wool, part of which I dyed with Wilton dyes. Here are the results from that dyeing day:

I used the two purple hanks as stripes in the cuffs of the "natural" colored wool. Tell me, what natural wool needs a dye lot number??? Before and after pictures to be taken. The slippers are 7/8 complete, an accomplishment achieved by watching NCIS and 4 installments of Taken, a pretty good 10-part alien abduction saga produced by Spielberg and others. No wonder I got so far on the slippers last night!

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