August 02, 2008

Much closer

See this?

That's two bobbins full of 2-ply Sunset. The bobbins in the basket held 2 ounces each of the singles. The left one is empty (what you see is red leader cord), and the right one is so close to empty they're almost a perfect match! I did divide the batts evenly by weight, and this tells me that my spinning was relatively consistent between the two halves.

For you Babe spinners, I discovered that I could ply faster by putting the drive band on the "hub cap" instead of the usual place. It stayed in place pretty well, but I had to leave the brake unfastened to keep it from slipping under tension. Has anyone carved a drive band groove into the axel? I've got this dremel-type tool....

Next I'll skein, count, and wash them. Then I'll do some math. Keep your fingerings crossed for socks!

Oh, did you see yet that sign-ups for Mystery Stole 4 are open?

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