July 28, 2008

It wasn't horse shoes

I came close, but not close enough, to finishing spinning the Giant Batt goal and winning a yellow shirt. Using my nifty index card progress system, I got to 43/16ths. The goal was 48/16ths, so I "won" a red shirt. Kind of like winning green ribbons in 4-H. LOL!

Currently on the bobbin is 1 ounce of plied Sunset spun from the fold. Currently in the Kate are 3 ounces ditto. I found out in the wee hours of this morning that it takes a LOT longer to ply fine singles! And look at the striping on the singles turning into Trek-like yarn!

And previously un-posted, the finished 3rd quarter:

Sport weight (on average!) Sunset spun long draw with the many colors blending as they came into the drafting triangle. Very soft and squishy. There's 292 yards of beeyoutiful yarn showing off in my Russian Sage. I understand now why spinners talk about keeping some yarns nearby for cuddling.

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