June 28, 2008

Adventures with Karakul

Here's 34 yards and 52 grams of Navajo-plied Karakul yarn I made a few weeks ago. According to the charts, its "super bulky." It's also lumpy, inconsistent, and I know the plying could have been done better, but I was practicing! I practiced spinning thick, practiced long draw a little bit, and I can't remember what all else I tried. Now I know some of what not to do. This yarn has potential for cat toys (always my first plan for using up mistakes; cats aren't particular), locker hooking, and primitive art. Ha.

The gram scale is new-to-me. A bargain at $2 (it didn't even need a battery!), it is more precise than my other small scale which reports ounces and tenths of ounces. This one can be set to Imperial units, showing pounds, ounces, and eighths of ounces. While not as precise as the "drug dealer" scales seen around on various knitting blogs, this one will serve me well.

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