June 04, 2007

Sheepishly, I Offer Knitterly T-Shirt Links

click to to Threadless
click to go to Threadless

Threadless sells t-shirts in a very community-oriented way. Shoppers can submit designs to be reviewed and rated by other shoppers, and they can earn points toward free shirts by referriing still other potential shoppers. I wish I'd known that before I found a Scrabble tee that was out of print and mentioned it on a Scrabble mailing list; enough people were interested that the shirt was reprinted! I coulda had a free shirt.... So if those designs appeal to you, click them to go to their pages at Threadless.

And yes, those links have my ID in them so I might possibly get a few points. Sheepish indeed.

Oh, and the Scrabble shirt is here. And several more sheepy shirts out of print (but click the Reprint Me link to be notified when they're reprinted).

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