June 02, 2007


This is not a post about sports, unless thrift store shopping is a sport. Maybe it is!

I've been watching out for wool sport yarn for more wrist warmer. Ta dah! And the worsted is already being knitted up into a striped Greensburg block. As a junking friend would say, "fitty cents each!"

This is an 8.5 ounce wheel of icelandic wool. I looked up what new wool costs. This wheel cost 14% the price of new. Not a bad discount. Last winter I knit several hats from similar almost-unspun-wool and I and the recipients liked the results very much. I might try spinning this or I might make more hats.

These three cones are, left to right, silk, 12+ ounces of shetland wool, and 21+ ounces of mystery wool. The silk was in my stash already and I'm showing it here because I'm thinking of stranding it with the shetland for socks. The green could be a blend, but the burn test revealed animal fiber for sure. I'm thinking of overdying and using it to practice dyeing techniques like painting and making self-striping yarn. The tiny white daisies and tinier violet flowers make my faux lawn pretty. Under my Hawthorne tree, there's even a big patch of real violets that bloom in the early spring. They're part of the reason I don't put weed killers on it.

The two bags of assorted yarns included other useful things, including sewing thread, nylon twine, "Knit-more Spunstraw" rayon yarn, and 4 spools of metallic #10 threads. Some has already gone into a bag for Scrap, but most is for me.

I love thrift stores!

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