June 19, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Melanie over at Pink Lemon Twist is hosting her third Mystery Stole knit along. Each year she's created a new stole pattern and offered it in mysterious little clues over several weeks to knitters who join her group by July 5. As of a few minutes ago, 1133 people across the world had joined. The email volume is pretty high, so I've created a special folder in my mail reader and filters to highlight Melanie's and her helpers' messages.

I have minimal lace knitting experience, but I have some appropriate yarn and needles, so I'll give it a try. Who knows? Maybe I'll get a holiday gift done really, really early!

Regarding my other knitting efforts, I've knit a few more squares for Greensburg and got to the foot on my first Horcrux sock. I didn't like the transition to ribbing from the lightning bolts, so I ripped back to the end of the bolts and I'll knit it all in bolts. Pictures they are:

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Femmy said...

Hey thanks for the kool aid recipe. Tamarind huh? Maybe if I just use orange? Well thanks anyway!