March 07, 2007

Inventing Words

Dislexicon: The English Language Extender

Here's a password or blog name generator. Well, you could use it that way. Just feed it a root word or word fragment, and it will generate some almost real words with definitions. Who knows? Maybe some words are actually real. For best password security, add a number somewhere. Here's what happened when I entered "knit":
1: neoknit neo-knit new knit
2: knitphyll knit-phyll leaf knit
3: intraknit intra-knit within knit
4: locusknitability locus-knit-ability inclination or suitability for place knit
5: underknit under-knit beneath or below knit
6: knitferous knit-ferous producing or containing knit
7: knitcyte knit-cyte cell knit
8: knitize knit-ize to cause to be or to become knit
9: knitess knit-ess a female knit
10: knitcide knit-cide to cut down or kill knit
11: oculoknit oculo-knit eye knit
12: ornithoknit ornitho-knit bird knit
13: knitphobia knit-phobia fear of knit
14: osteoknit osteo-knit bone knit
15: multiknit multi-knit many knit
16: spirareknitite spirare-knit-ite native, resident or part of breathe knit
17: chromaknit chroma-knit color knit
18: gastroknit gastro-knit stomach of knit
19: cytoknit cyto-knit cell knit
20: pneumoknitably pneumo-knit-ably performing in a manor worth of air knit
21: corporknitive corpor-knit-ive performing or tending toward body knit
22: knitambulate knit-ambulate to walk or wander knit
23: ooknit oo-knit egg knit
24: disknit dis-knit not knit
25: photoknitling photo-knit-ling one connected with light knit


Dave said...

Some of those are hilarious! I like knitambulate - but I'd change the meaning: to wander from one knitting project to another -- something with which I am very familiar. :-)

Rachel said...

That's so fun! I'm ashamed to say I think I've engaged in knitcide in the past....