March 23, 2007

Black Sheep All Over

You've probably had similar experiences. You're surfing the internet and see something. Sometime later you see something else and your brain does its synaptic magic and connects the two things. But can you find the first thing again??? Maybe. It happened to me yesterday, and it took until a little while ago to find the first thing...

Thing the first: Etherknitter's blog entry showing some cute and a snarling sheep sculpture. Not being particularly good at creating captions, I didn't enter the contest.

Thing the second: Habetrot's entry about a new horror film called Black Sheep. Now the snarling sheep makes sense. I wonder if the artist knows about the movie?

Thing the third: Eugene, Oregon is the home of the Black Sheep Gathering, Oregon's biggest sheep show. Wouldn't it be great if the movie could be shown in conjunction with the gathering?

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