December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Quick and dirty current events:
  • Best wishes for a merry new year!
  • I'm considering a resolution for 2011.
  • Mailed my second-to-the-last knitted gift (mittens) yesterday.
  • Will resume work on my last knitted gift (3-button wrap) today.
  • Knitted gifts done in time: 3 pair mittens, 7 hats, 1 cowl
  • It's cold here: 23 degrees F. Grateful for handknits!
  • I've been teaching knitting classes at Joann's.
  • The zippered and handled bags I made from holiday polar fleece and used as gift bags for the Little Kids' gifts were such a hit that it's doubtful I'll get them back to refill for next year. It was faster and less wasteful to sew these bags than to wrap the multitude of little, mostly crafty, gifts for the LKs.
  • Bought more holiday print fleece for next year's gift bags.
Quick and dirty 2010 recap:
  • Quit watching Molly & McGee once first clutch fledged.
  • Checked the book Journal Junkies Workshop out of the library and was immediately fascinated by art journaling, especially the concept of obscuring the writing.
  • Started watching art journaling streams, especially JournalArtista aka Paula Phillips. Can you say "flopportunity?"
  • Started art journaling.
  • Am still art journaling.
  • Finished spinning and plying a small bag of blues colonial wool from Fantasy fibers. Need to get it off the bobbins next.
  • Started Wendy Johnson's Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi shawl "mystery" pattern; am near the end of the last section before the edging. Paused for gift and sample knitting.
  • Started a pair of socks from my own handspun. Also paused for gift and sample knitting.
  • Built an art table out of an Ikea wardrobe door ($10) and a pair of 3-drawer cabinets ($2 for both) with nifty "pull" and "open" knobs ($4) on the smaller 4 drawers.
  • Grew potatoes! Ate them, too.
  • Grew more everbearing strawberries than last year. Ate them outside!
  • Discovered several new authors including Charles Todd.
  • Started playing "faux Scrabble" at

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