February 18, 2010

Finally caught SSS

Until this sock (the one on the bottom), Second Sock Syndrome was something that happened to other people. I started a pair out of Red Heart Heart & Sole in Spring Stripe last summer, and it has been neglected ever since. The experimental rectangular garter toe and garter heel flap were OK but not great. The yarn is on the fine side of fingering and seemed to take forever to knit; fine yarn doesn't usually faze me, but this one did because the colors did. It's done but for the binding off, but I don't like it and don't want to knit another one.

Along came the Knitting Olympics, and my personal challenge is to complete four WIPs (works in progress), including this pair of socks.

While playing with my sock yarn stash, I ran across a solid purple yarn (African Violet, Knit Picks Essential). Purple appeals much less to me now than it used to, and this pair of skeins was headed for the dye pot. Some blogger (Redshirt Knitting, maybe?) recently blogged about knitting heavier socks using two strands of sock yarn, so the purple and unloved stripes joined forces on my size 3s. I'm liking the result and they're going fairly quickly. The broken stripes, unifying purple, and faux fair isle appeal to me. About half a foot (my foot, not the Imperial unit) is already done.

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