February 12, 2010

Berzerk PJs: A Scrabble Short Story

At Scrabble the other night, I won the draw to play first, but drew these tiles:

Ack! No vowels except the blank and nothing on the board to use either.

So instead of "wasting" the blank on a short word, I traded away BKJP and wound up with this rack, playing on my opponent's PINE for a 73 point bingo.


Today, Quackle revealed some higher-point options for both racks. My choices are highlighted, and the best plays are nearest the top of each list.

There are some new words for me to learn and recall: ZERK, OPINE, UNFROZE.

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Mary said...

Excellent! I must resist downloading that Quackle link. My New Years resolution was, "More knitting, less games!"