July 16, 2008

Learning to spin from videos

Learning to spin (and card, comb, scour, ply, finish, etc) on my own involves using freely available resources from the library and the web. The latter has revealed (after much watching of pointless productions) several series of helpful spinning (and etc.) videos on YouTube.

The first videos I found were by Abby Franquemont (whose blog I enjoy) here.

Sue Macniven has several very good videos, too.

Amanda Hannaford has a great video on long draw plus others.

Rexenne, whose current primary interest is growing mushrooms, produced enthusiastic and informative fibery videos found here.

Do you have any favorite spinning videos? Post them in the comments please!

In Tour de Fleece news, yesterday's efforts produce another ounce of long-drawn single, so the bobbin is nearly full. I'm undecided about a plying method. For fun, here's Rexenne's Navajo Plying video:

Updates: Just found this tutorial and video on corespinning via Fiber Mine. Now I have to research what corespun yarn is good for!

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