June 15, 2008

Fridge Magnets: Take 14357

Not a very original topic, crafted refrigerator magnets are nonetheless useful and fun items to make. I find it especially satisfying to make something new out of bits and pieces already on hand. This time my goal was strong, unobtrusive magnets for the refrigerator.

No, that's not my refrigerator; it's origami paper ON my refrigerator so you could see the magnets better! Here's a crisper picture using the flash that shows the back of one of the magnets.

My button jar has housed these Mother of Pearl buttons for many years. They were "too nice" to put on clothes that go through the wash. LOL I used pliers to pop the metal shanks off. Then applied silicone cement to attach the rare earth magnets. During the day it took the silicone to cure, the magnets were stuck on a tin can lid on the counter to prevent the buttons and magnets from getting out of alignment.

I'm especially happy with these magnets because the button is wider than the magnet, making it easier to get a grip on them.

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