March 02, 2008

New Handspun and New Calculations

2.9 ounces of wool/mohair/nep handspun plied a couple of days ago and skeined today. It's about 249 yards, which makes it about 1374 yards per pound. I'm not claiming it's sock weight, though it's finer that my second attempt. This yarn is not very consistent; I tried several techniques, including spinning when too tired (LOL!). Some of the yarn is fluffy, some is firm. I suspect if it was multicolored, the yarn would look better!

I was suspicious when the yarn that I calculated to be sport weight knit up nicely on size 9 needles and looked a lot like worsted weight. Hmm. Time for a reality check. Grabbed the KnitPicks catalog from the top of the mail pile and did some math, and checked some sock yarn labels. An easy to remember ratio for sock yarn is 400 yards to 4 ounces, plus or minus. KP's Bare sock yarn is 440 yards for 100 grams (1 ounce = 28 grams). So my latest yarn is not sock weight, but sport weight. The Six Breed Yarn is worsted weight, and the spindled/wheeled green merino is super super bulky.

The page of yarn weights I linked to before might not be the best for handspun yarn. Too many charts are confusing, so I went surfing and found more charts, not many of which agreed with each other! I think I'll be compiling a mega chart to share with everyone later.

In the mean time, I'm spinning the gray alpaca roving from the Craigslist score. Last night and this morning I spun an ounce, and I'm hopeful that this batch will be sock weight! This alpaca is, except for VM every foot or two of single, very easy to spin and my single has few lumps. I'm using a worsted technique so the yarn will be durable.

I'll keep you posted.

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