February 16, 2008

Enhanced Computing & Spinning

A few weeks ago, I actually did upgrade my RAM, so this strikes my funny bone especially well. I went from 256MB to 768MB and I'm very happy with the result. I ran across the sale-priced half-gig stick of DDR at the office supply store for just under $30 and I'm very happy with the result.

BTW, lolcats aren't always cats!

In fiber news, I'm about half done knitting a hat out of the sheep/goat/alpaca/dog/cat/human yarn. I was showing the yarn to my Scrabble buddy at the coffee shop the other night and a couple of people overheard and came over to talk about spinning! Fiber lovers are everywhere.

The gal who sold me my wheel included a 2.8 oz batt of wool/mohair she'd drum-carded. I've spun half on the first spool and started the second. It has a lot of neps, but I'm pretending they aren't there. The single I'm spinning is showing some improvement. I also practiced pulling a roving out of the batt with a button/diz; there was less fiber stuck to me and the roving is more consistent in size than the torn strips.

Here you can see the dized roving and the first spool of singles. They're over twisted in places (see the cork screws? LOL). The purple bit is an experiment at the end ; I carded some tapestry yarn and tried spinning it. I won't leave it there, I promise!

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