February 20, 2007

Vintage Needle, New Patent?

While surfing the knitting blogs today, I ran across the Girl from Auntie's discussion about the patent for these knitting needles with rules on them. Sitting right in front of me was (and is!) this vintage needle:
The whole needle is just under 10 inches long. The first inch and a half of the ruler was apparently rubbed off by knitting fingers and stitches. The printing says "Hero Metal Core Measure-Knit Pat. Pend." and the end of the needle is marked "Hero 1 U.S.A." A Google search revealed an advertisement for these from 1950 here. If I had another one, I could put them on eBay or (gasp!) maybe knit with them. LOL

1 comment:

Horse Power said...

These are so cute, what a great turquoise color! The ruler idea is genius, even though it apparently got rubbed off from being used.
Great piece of knitting history!