February 07, 2007

Stulpen Part 2 and Pills (not the wooly ones)

Deciding to exercise a little perfectionism, I frogged the Stulpen mit I showed you last time and started over. It's current state is a big improvement, as you can see here. My claim in a comment on Dave's blog that the pattern could be wrong was bogus, which I discovered after taking markers and pencil to the chart. BTW, the chart clearly shows that I have trouble counting! When I got to that point, I advanced the row counter three times instead of once (instead of breaking out the eraser; it was across the room and a cat was in my lap at the time). Once I had the cart colored and the overs/unders marked, it was EASY to follow with rare references to the symbols key. I can recommend highlighting/coloring charts.

In the non-wooly pill department, I wanted to share a simple thing I do that makes my mornings better. Behold my pill box:

I take a couple of prescription meds and some OTC supplements; combined with usual my morning blurriness, I've been known to take my medicine twice, not at all, inaccurately, or incompletely. The pill box, though labeled for a week of AM and PM doses, holds 2 weeks' worth for me. It takes moments to take my pills (no more opening/closing multiple bottles) and I can see at a glance if I took today's pills. I've tried several types of pill boxes, and this one is my current favorite because it is roomy, well made, and cheap ($1 at Dollar Tree). One small drawback is that the doors can get in the way during loading, so I use 4 clothespins to hold the doors up back-to-back. Another, and this is extremely minor, is that half the time, the days of the week are in reverse order!


Dave said...

The stulpen are looking good! I'll be colour-coding my chart too, because it makes it much easier when it comes to the knitting. I'm not redoing my mitts though. I told someone that the errors make it easier to tell my left from my right. ;-)

Michal said...

LOL! The thumbs don't help to tell them apart? LOL!

auntiemichal said...

I just realized I didn't blog the finished Stulpen. Rest assured they were completed promptly, looking much like the inprogress one pictured here. They reside near the computer, though I'll probably put them away for the summer.

Erika said...

Hmm, I see what you mean about the chart! In my case I decided I had learned the symbols, but oh no - the two symbols for a cable involving four knit stitches are reversed from what I'd expect.

In most cases on the chart, -\_ means "hold stitches forward" and _/- means "hold stitches to the back." But in the case of four knit stitches, it's the opposite.

Talk about a "gotcha"!