November 28, 2006

The Yarn Harlot Writes Sock Haiku, Inspiring More

I'm a fairly recent member of the Yarn Harlot Fan Club, and her entry yesterday inspired me (and many others!) to write a haiku of my own in her comments:

We read Harlot's blog
for comic relief and in-
spiration galore.

Cheat! Should that read "for
comic relief galore and
inspiration, eh?"

Hard to tell. Her fans'
priorities vary. Most
knit. More laugh. All love.

Love what? The Harlot
of course. Else why spend time here
with all the wool pigs?

Stephanie, thank you
for sharing socks, adventures,
and love of knitting.

Not to mention a
chance to publish our iffy
haiku in your blog.

Her sock marathon inspired me to finally share that I'm knitting my third pair of socks. For myself. In my life. I've been knitting intermittently since childhood and don't count a couple of xmas socks with heels as "socks" because they didn't have to either match or fit.

My first pair are from handspun yarn I bought this summer at Circle of Yarns in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

They continue to be my favorite socks and are worn often (as I type, in fact) and they're still holding up well. The third pair is from a darker, woody colorway of the same yarn; I'm almost past the heel on #1. Progress has slowed because of gift knitting: many hats, a few slippers, and a pair of booties.

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