April 21, 2005

Magical Comb Binding Trick!

I recently dug out my "home" comb binding machine for a project, and its lingering presence on the kitchen island inspired the creation a new, tough price book out of 3x5 cards for my purse. The results looked good, but didn't work so good because it wouldn't lie flat when turned inside out. Bummer. After a few days of trying to ignore the problem, a possible solution made itself known. Comb binding before cutting into rings
I cut the comb binding apart into individual rings! They hold the cards together fine, and any page can be on top without being bent around the binding. The plastic comb (named because if you could make it lie flat it would look like a giant comb) just needs its spine to make the rings faster to attach and easier to manage. I doubt I'd want to put individual rings on very many letter-size reports, but a few custom note books is absolutely no problem.
The completed price book
Now instead of copying info into a new notebook, I can just take the notebook apart, recycle the unwanted/used cards, add some blank cards, and keep going. I could even insert 3x5 photos, pieces of greeting cards, or whatever fits in the comb binder's punch.
The open and still flat price book
What's in my price book? Mostly lists: window measurements, lists of things I'm thinking about buying, shopping lists, price comparison info for my "regular" purchases, phone numbers, ideas, things to put in my "master" planner, etc. It's rather like a PDA but doesn't need batteries and is less likely to break when dropped.

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